Monads Records Onlineは、神奈川県のレコードネット通販 が運営する中古アナログレコードのオンラインショッピングサイトです。ディスコ、ソウル、ロック、ハウス、テクノ、ワールド、ジャズ、New Waveなどを中心に豊富な品揃え。視聴も可能です!NYLONDON18年間コレクトしたレコードを積極的に追加中。気になる方はぜひ登録してください。

Monads Records Online Store, operated by Japan Kanagawa-based record shop, offers a diverse selection of used analog records for online shopping. Specializing in genres such as Disco, Soul, Rock, House, Techno, World, Jazz, and New Wave, the store allows you to preview the records. Explore our collection, including rare finds in Disco, New Wave, Post Punk, Soul, Rock, Progressive Rock, Jazz, and more. With records collected during 18 years in NY and London, and ofcourse some Wamono, City Pop, Japanese Rare Stuff, we invite you to register and discover the treasures we have to offer. Welcome to Monads Records – your destination for buying, selling, and trading new and used vinyl records, along with various goods. Shipping from Kanagawa, Japan.