Disclosure based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sold by: Monads Records
Store name: Monads
Representative: Yasutaka Matsunaga
Secondhand goods dealer license: Kanagawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission license No. 452490003453
Address: 5-14-8 Kamiaso, Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number: 080-4004-6925
Product price: Listed for each product. Required fees other than the product price: Consumption tax, shipping fee, domestic shipping will be non-standard mail, non-standard mail (simple registered mail), overseas shipping will be delivered by Standard Air Mail Services with Registered,. Domestic shipping: Customers who purchase products worth 12,000 yen or more will receive free shipping for non-standard mail, (simple registered mail) or Yu-Pack.
*Shipping fees may vary for some products. In that case, the shipping fee will be stated in the product description.
Payment method: Credit card payment / PayPal
Payment period: Payment is made before the product is shipped.
Delivery time: Products will be shipped on the day of your order or 5 days later, or on the specified delivery date if you specify a delivery date.
Returns and exchanges: Returns and exchanges are available if there is a problem with the product you received or if the product delivered is different from the product you ordered.
Return period: Within 7 days of receiving the product